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Tracy Relatives and Friends

July 11, 2002

Hello to all,

Sorry we were not available to attend the Tracy Reunion, but here is some news about something I did that may interest you.

Our family, (Dennis, Diane, Darrin, and Deanna Tracy), had our usual visit to the Tracy Linwood Farm over the Fourth of July Holidays. I hopped on my three wheel ATV and rode out on the area where the new Avenue of the Saints, (the St. Louis to St. Paul 4 lane highway), is being built and shot all kinds of pictures with my new Sony MVC-CD200 Digital camera. I also shot pictures of all the current houses in a 2 mile radius as well as some along the Cedar River. I was really impressed by the quality of most of the pictures and thought is was unfortunate that others couldn't see them. Then it hit me, we build web sites as part of our Corvette Parts and CarCovers.com businesses, and we could actually build a site to display these pictures. They are now viewable at www.TracyFarm.com, which is hosted out of our back office. We also burned a CD that is viewable on the Merton and Ann Tracy home computer.

If anyone has any old pictures of the farm from the previous century, get me some copies and we will add them to the web site in the future. These pictures can be viewed from anywhere that someone has Internet access, so you can show them to other people also.

Later on, when I get time, I will label the pictures with locations, etc. For now, you can all try to guess where some of the pictures were taken. The only hint I will give you at this point is that the first batch was shot in order heading south of the farm and followed some of the roads in the area.

I hope this brings as much enjoyment to others as I had in creating it. Keep in mind, these pictures were taken less than one week ago and are already on the site, so we didn't have much time for fine tuning! As always, positive comments are welcome.


Dennis Tracy
Tracy Performance Enterprises